Tile and Grout

    Tile and grout cleaning is the last thing people would think of to get done in their homes. Your tile can look brand new every time you mop and the grout can continue to get darker. When you mop your floors with products that you purchase from the store it only glazes over the surface and not actually extracting it out, all you're doing is leaving the residue on the floor to sit and settle into your grout which cause the grout to get clogged and change color.

    The Technicians here all are specialized in carpet and tile cleaning. We can help reduce the dirt build up in the grout to make it look brand new again. We can restore the grout line to its original color or we can even do a color stain on your grout in which we are confident it will give it a brand new look or it's free! We carry many different sealants and color stains for your grout lines and tile.

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